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      Spratt Investment Services
Head Office
Level 1, Spratt Financial Centre
3 Morton Street
Freeman's Bay 1010
Phone 09 307 8200
Fax 09 307 8024
Mail Address
PO Box 99481
Auckland City 1149
Email: enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz
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Investment Advice - How We Can Help

Investment Planning

We know that youíre serious about your financial aspirations in life. So are we, and we want to show you how to make them a reality with wise investment advice. With a sound investment strategy and cutting edge financial advice, you can achieve things you didnít think possible. At Spratt Financial Services, we offer personalised planning that will help you create an investment strategy and reach your personal goals with positive financial outcomes. Our investment advice is based on the most up to date research and based on decades of experience in the financial markets, and we have helped many clients achieve great things. Team up with us today and together we can help you realise your financial goals - you won't regret it!

Comprehensive Financial Advice

In order to provide a comprehensive investment service, our financial advisers offer a full range of financial planning solutions. We can help you manage your entire investment portfolio, including your superannuation or kiwisaver, ensuring you can get all your needs met under one roof. This helps to simplify a process that can be complex, enabling you to obtain all the answers you need from us without having to spend your precious time scouring the marketplace. 

Your money, your decisions

We know that you have worked hard to earn your wealth, and we know the importance of entrusting your assets to someone with the experience and ability to handle it correctly. The advisers at Spratt Financial Services can provide you with the expert financial planning advice you need to ensure the prosperity of your family or your business. Our investment advice and services are provided to aid you, but the final decision will always be yours.

How Do I Get Started?

Our Head of Wealth Management Ross Wallace invites you to email him for his primary disclosure statement. Or, for more information on how Spratt's team of advisors can assist with managing your investment portfolio, contact us using our online contact form or by email at enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz. You can also call 09 307 8200.