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Head Office
Level 1, Spratt Financial Centre
3 Morton Street
Freeman's Bay 1010
Phone  09 307 8200
Fax 09 307 8204
Mail Address
PO Box 99481
Auckland City 1149
Email: enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz
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How We Select The Best Insurance For You

Most Important to Least Important

1. Claims Paying Experience and Performance.
An insurance policy is a contract which binds the insurer to pay you money in the event of certain specified occurrences. Typically, these events come with considerable financial and emotional stress for you and those close to you. That's why we look at the efficiency, fairness and sensitivity with which the insurer carries out their work at these times. We look at how effectively and efficiently the claims process is managed by the insurerís claims specialists. You need your claim to be processed promptly and reliably and we will always take this into account when finding the right insurance product for you.

2. Underwriting Performance.
During your life, things will have gone wrong or begun to have gone wrong with your health and these are of concern to the insurer. We require the insurer to come up with reasonable solutions that are competitive, fair and accurate. If their offer and proposals for your insurance aren't fair and cost-effective, we will not proceed with them. The performance of underwriters is also defined by the amount of research they do into your specific circumstances and just how much of a balanced perspective they are prepared to take.

3. Policy Specific Wordings and Definitions Relevant to You.
We focus on the individual client and their individual needs. We look for the issues you face, and what you need from your insurance in order to achieve your outcomes. Therefore, we will provide you the insurance you need as we are independent and not beholden to any one particular insurance provider. 

4. Long Term Price Stability.
Changes to your health over time may prevent you moving to another insurer should your current insurerís premium rates become overly expensive, this would leave you in an unacceptable financial situation. Spratt Financial will actively avoid insurers who have shown long term instability of premium rates.

5. Immediate Cost.
The best option for you is rarely either the cheapest option, nor the most expensive, but our priority is always to ensure your insurance is competitively priced among the panel of insurers that we do business with. One of our selection criteria is thus to get the best possible deal for your needs that we can in terms of immediate cost.